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"The La Jolla Town Council resolves that the number and locations of Micromobility Corrals as currently denoted on SD Micromobility Corral Maps are unworkable and the LJTC is opposed to their implementation. The number of corral locations should be reduced in number and limited to commercial zones with none in residential areas. Enforcement of current laws is essential to maintain public safety. We encourage the LJ Traffic and Transportation Board to consider our resolution in its deliberations and feedback to CD1 and the city officials."

The City of San Diego is deploying Scooter and Bike corrals. These corrals will be used by the micromobility companies to stage their products.

Village of La Jolla scooter corrals with

Proposal #1: Deploy corrals in commercial and residential areas. Map with green dots.

There are no incentives nor penalties for the user if they do not return the bike to the corrals. There are two proposals currently being reviewed by the City.

Corrals will be deployed in existing red zones.

It is illegal to ride a scooter

or bike on the sidewalk

Scooter Parking.jpg
Corral Map without Residential.png

Proposal #2: Deploy corrals in commercial areas only. Map with red dots.

Scooter News

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