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California Sea Lions

2021 Update on the California Sea Line Issue at The Cove


  • The California Sea Lion Optimal Sustainable Population was reached in 2000

    • Sea Lions were not considered depleted

  • 2018 NOAA published;  A success story:  Protection had allowed Sea Lions to reach the carrying capacity of their environment

  • In 2020 - Sea Lions were determined to not be a Strategic Stock

  • The “MMPA Moratorium on Take” of 1972 has no valid application to Sea Lions.

Sea Lions Reach Saturation.png

Information from the LJTC Joint Task Force on California Sea Lions

The La Jolla Town Council held several hearings on the 'Crisis in the Cove' due the recent occupation of the Cove and other beaches by California Sea Lions. The Hearings motivated formation of “A Joint Task Force on Sea Lions” and included leaders a dozen other community organizations. It recommended humane methods to encourage the CSL’s to move to safer locations. These methods have been endorsed by a dozen organizations. 

The City had a choice to make - is the beach for human recreation or California Sea Lions? The City chose the California Sea Lions. They installed educational signs and gates.

Joint Task Force Letter to the Mayor

Response from the City of San Diego

Congressman Scott Peters


"I was pleased to see the establishment of the La Jolla Community Task Force on California Sea Lions and would like to commend the Town Council for its leadership on this subject. It is important that concerned residents, business owners, visitors, and more present a united voice on this matter. I continue to encourage conversation and collaboration between the La Jolla community and the City of San Diego and hope to see a locally-reached, long-term resolution that pleases all parties involved. My office will continue to monitor this situation and we will be happy to provide assistance at the federal level where appropriate.”


Hon.Scott Peters

Congressman California District 52

Teen bitten by Sea Lion 6/2019 read more>>

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