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Homeless Outreach & Vehicle Habitation

This page will assist you in locating available resources and assistance for homeless individuals, information about homelessness, volunteer opportunities and ongoing efforts to provide supportive housing. We will also be providing information on Vehicle Habitation by Van-lifers, which is a completely separate issue from Homelessness.


San Diego's app to report non emergency issues

This free Get It Done app addresses a variety of community concerns, including assistance for homeless persons. To reach the services provided by the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), tap on New Report, then scroll to the bottom and tap OTHER,  give a location and a brief description of the concern. 


This division's teams work together to offer services that protect both our homeless individuals and our community. 

HOT: Reached through the Get It Done app or 619-446-1010. Its goal is to visit and offer an expanded variety of services

PERT: Psychiatric Emergency Response Team, will provide emergency assessment and referral for individuals with mental illness who come to the attention of law enforcement. Contact: 211 or 911 or 619-531-2000.

  • An individual is in danger of harming him or herself

  • An individual is threatening others

  • An individual has a medical emergency 

What is a Van Lifer

A Van Lifer is a person who lives in their vehicle by choice not by a life altering circumstance. There is a movement occurring in San Diego to make living in a vehicle on a public street legal, thus allowing a Van Lifer to reside in front of your residence. The Van Lifer movement has hooked themselves into the homelessness issue to garner support for this type of lifestyle. To learn more about Van Life living view the attached links.


Did You know

Homeless spending.png

The City and County of San Diego are working hard and spend significant money on the homelessness issues, yet they continue to grow.

Get Involved

Below are links to organizations that provide opportunities for volunteers and services to the homeless community

Supportive Housing

Supportive housing is a combination of affordable housing and supportive services for individuals or families with special needs. Residents in supportive housing sign leases, have keys, and pay rent. Residents have a dedicated case manager who helps them assess their needs, identify goals and work on an action plan to meet those goals. Professional treatment is available for residents with mental health diagnosis.

Homeless Supportive Housing.png

Research shows that supportive housing is the most effective way to end homelessness through providing individuals and families with safe, clean and stable homes with supportive service such as case management, health and behavioral services, and employment and education assistance.

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