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         The La Jolla Town Council is asking you for your support. It is extremely important that our
community has a voice and is represented for addressing San Diego city government regarding
issues important to you. I want to encourage you to consider joining us for the future of our
neighborhoods and for the betterment of our community.

         Your La Jolla Town Council is made up of your neighbors and friends and are strictly volunteers.
We do not get paid, we are representing you on this council strictly because we want to keep La
Jolla the beautiful gem that it is and keep up with the constant changing issues that affect our
daily lives.

         Without your financial support we would not be able to continue to serve our community. We
maintain an active website, send out a monthly newsletter
highlighting current topics, hold monthly forums to inform and address community concerns,
partner with other local organizations to best serve our residents and keep our community
concerns at the forefront of local and city representatives. We also host community events,
such as “Hometown Heroes” recognizing La Jollans that go above and beyond in volunteering
their time to keep La Jolla as the sparkling jewel by the sea. We continue to be active in
communicating through Facebook and Instagram.

         We have a team that is excited, motivated and ready to serve but we can’t continue without your
support. Your membership is essential to our continued success and we couldn’t be more
grateful for your support.

         Please consider joining us today either as an individual or as a business. We love La Jolla and
are honored to serve on your behalf.


Jerri Hunt, President
La Jolla Town Council

Membership & Sponsorship
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      The La Jolla Town Council connects residents with our elected officials at monthly public forums for the betterment of La Jolla. We support local charities and are an integral part of your community.

      Your support creates a voice for La Jolla and keeps our community safe, beautiful and vibrant. With your partnership we raise our voices and affect change for the betterment of us all. 

      No salaries are paid as we are all volunteers and your support goes right back into the community.

                       "Taking care of the Jewel by the Sea"

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