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Role of the LJTC

The key role of the La Jolla Town Council is to amplify community concerns to the City of San Diego. In addition to also providing a voice for the Community in a figurative sense, the Council offers a literal platform for opinion and guidance via Trustee voting. Common topics brought forth for a vote among Trustees are in regard to events staged in La Jolla and also community issues that demand the attention of the City Council. The Town Council supports all community residents and votes on matters that affect the community as a whole. The Town Council feeds into the City Council and brings local affairs to the attention of the City Council.

LJTC Mission Statement

The La Jolla Town Council is the town Square of the La Jolla community. A public organization, run by volunteers, elected trustees, and an executive committee. The council holds monthly non-partisan meetings where residents and businesses of La Jolla can highlight issues and voice their opinions to the community, the City of San Diego, and its representatives. Come join us!

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