Short Term Vacation Rentals

The San Diego Community Working Group on STVR developed recommendations for STVR Regulations in consultation with many groups and presented them to the Mayor's office and the City Council. We are pleased that our key recommendations were incorporated in the recently passed SD STVR Ordinances.


Many organizations have become alarmed about the unchecked growth of Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVR) and the need for action to develop realistic and enforceable ordinances to regulate grown while preserving neighborhoods.

In November 2017, the LJTC held a Forum on STVR with other Town Councils, Associations, and concerned citizens. The outcome was the recommendation to form of a community group to join voices to find acceptable solutions to the STVR issue. From this resolution came the formation of the San Diego Coalition of Town Councils, and the creation of the STVR Working Group. The STVR Working Group includes the SD Coalition of Town Councils, Neighborhoods for Residents, Community Associations, and individuals.The STVR Working Group represents many years of knowledge and experience and has worked closely with the Mayors office to develop a concise set of Recommendations for Regulations for Short Term Vacation Rentals. 


At the March 8th, 2018 LJTC meeting, the STVR Working Group held its first public meeting and invited a representative from San Francisco, which has implemented regulations that have proven effective. We subsequently amended our Recommendations for STVR Regulations which were presented to the Mayor's office.

SD Working Group on STR 2019 Recommendations

SD Working Group on STR 2019 Presentation at LJTC

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