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Our next meeting will be held on

Feb 9th at 5:00 PM. 

The meeting will be held at the

La Jolla Rec Center, or by Zoom Conference.  

Reach out to the LJTC at




The La Jolla Town Council is holding a forum regarding the current disrepair of our streets.  The city needs to hear your voice!  Have you damaged a tire because of the potholes or have a safety concern driving over them?  We need you there to speak up!  Please come join the La Jolla Town Council on Thursday, February 9th at 5:00 pm at the La Jolla Recreation Center, 615 Prospect St.  Please come join us and explain to those who can make a difference on why this is so important to us.  Check out our agenda at, email us at or call us at 858-454-1444.  Make your voice be heard!

The La Jolla Town Council is Currently Recruiting Trustees
Are you interested in helping the community and volunteering?  Can you volunteer four hours a month to hel
p La Jolla?  Would you like to help residents and businesses of La Jolla to address community issues and opportunities?  If yes, then La Jolla Town Council would like to invite you to consider running as a Town Council Trustee.  We are currently taking nominations through the end of February 2023 for a March 2023 announcement and swearing in.  
Trustee applications will be shared with members, trustees and the public.  Local media will be informed of the election and the candidates.
The Nominees will be interviewed and presented by the LJTC Executive Committee.  Candidates must reside or work within the 92037 Zip Code and should have attended a minimum of three La Jolla Town Council meetings in the 12 months prior to the election.  Each Candidate will be required to complete a Consent to Serve form prior to submission of names to the President.  
Trustees may be seated only if they are an LJTC regular Member in good standing with Yearly Membership Paid.  This requires attendance in monthly meetings or as needed.  
You can find a simple and easy Trustee Application form below just fill out and Email it to us!


Thank You Sage for opening our

November LJTC Meeting!


Sage Taylor is a singer and actress based in San Diego. She is currently a senior at Elite Virtual Academy and she has been performing since the age of six years old. She recently placed top three in the 2022 Broadway San Diego Awards and plans to major in musical theatre in college. Instagram: @sagetaylorofficial

For the Following issues, please download the "Get It Done" App from the link below. 




-Traffic Signals

-Streets and Sidewalks

-Tree Maintenance

-Storm Water





-Missed Collection




-Homeless Outreach

-Illegal Dumping


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President's Message


Jerri Hunt, President

Jerri Hunt, Elected Town Council President:

      I am honored that you have put your faith in me to support our endeavors in moving forward as LJTC President. I am excited as this council is an integral part of our beautiful community. This council provides a critical voice for La Jolla which is vital for the health and stability of our town. We have the opportunity to make a real contribution, support significant projects and create an open platform for sharing and providing information going forward. My mission as president is purely to help us do the right thing, at the right time and for the right reasons with integrity and transparency. Our trustees are a committed and talented group of community leaders and exceptional members of this organization and I couldn’t be more grateful.


     We will have many challenges. How can we increase our voice and influence? How do we help working towards becoming an independent city? Our beautiful cove is littered with street vendors, it has gone from a breathtaking pristine natural wonder into a flea market. How do we stop this South American theft ring that is invading our homes and stripping our sense of security? The seals and bacteria in the cove continue to divide us. Now the seals are making national headlines for chasing tourists. How do we best protect our children when attending school? Why do we pay such high taxes yet basic infrastructure of our roads are ignored. Our roadsides have litter everywhere and are in disrepair. We all have to drive over dangerous potholes that have been repaired with temporary crumbling patches. What is happening to our neighborhoods with short term vacation rentals? In my opinion many are ruining our neighborhoods. Investors are buying up real estate and letting a constant revolving door of strangers party into the night next door to quiet tax paying residents that have to go to work the next morning. What is the answer to the increase in families that are homeless driven by the lack of affordable housing.


     To address these pressing issues, I want us to strive to always have both sides represented in our efforts to advocate for our community. Healthy professional debate in compliance with procedures will be encouraged. We will not always agree on all issues but if we are all free to contribute, share our knowledge, collaborate with passion, come together as a community and have a strong sense of direction, we will make a difference. I couldn’t be more proud of all of you, both in our neighbors that attend these meetings and our trustees that give of themselves and volunteer their time. This council alone cannot solve our issues. All of us that live here have a responsibility to help take care of La Jolla.


     My vision is for us to unite and become change agents for the betterment of this magnificent jewel we have the privilege to call home. We will listen to the concerns of our community, strive for excellence, lead with respect, and with everyone's willingness to help, meet our challenges head on. We are all here only because we care and love La Jolla. Let’s work together to take care of this sparkling jewel by the sea.

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