La Jolla Town Council - Serving La Jolla for 65+ Years

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Executive Committee

President: James Rudolph

Past President and Trustee: Ann Kerr Bache

Vice President: Jerri Hunt

Chief Technology Officer: Rick Dagon

Secretary: Brooke Baginski

Treasurer: Charles Merriman

Communications & Programs: Ron Jones

Government Liaison: Cody Peterson

Social Media Liaison: Tara Hammond


Ernie Casco

Cody Decker

Michael Dershowitz

Cathy Jones

Christy Littlemore


Council Member Joe LaCava swearing in new Trustees:

Brooke Baginski, Charles Merriman, Cody Decker,

Ernie Casco, Christy Littlemore, Ron Jones


Thank You for your Community Service


The La Jolla Town Council would like to thank our Ann Kerr Bache, President Emeritus, for her years of dedication to the community of La Jolla. During her tenure as the President of the La Jolla Town Council she worked tirelessly to help with the Short Term Vacation Rental ordinance, public safety issues, micro mobility issues, the Sea Lion population at the cove and airport noise. When she began as president she changed the platform of the Council to allow for Forums to provide the community a voice on topics they felt we

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